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What is Google Adsense || Earn money from Google Adsense

Hello friends,today i m going to talk what is Google adsense and how its works,also i will tell you how you can earn money from Adsense,stay with us and real all details carefully. 

What is Google Adsense || Earn money from Google Adsense

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 Google Adsense is one best website where you can earn money by placing ads on your website,YouTube video and in the application and can earn money as part time as well as full time works.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertisement platform or website, You can create adsense account to earn money by placing ads on your any types of website which are listed in google adsense like Blog website, Traveling website, Tool website, Tech website, Informational website etc. but remember Google adsense not allow some types of website which not meet with google policies. so before create read all google policies carefully.

What you should know about Adsense? 

 Now days everyone want to earn money other than work now but not everyone get success these day, but google adsense is the one of the best ways to earn money for indivisible you can create blog website, Knowledgeable video and upload on YouTube and also create app for android or Ios and place ads then start earning from google adsense.

How does Google Adsense work?

As  you knew after read above article that Google is an one of the largest advertisement platform so may promoter come and give money to google for promote their contents or products. After promoter paid google for promote contents or products, google create ads then place ads with another websites which is approved from google Adsense, whenever someone click on ads and visit promoter site then publisher get commission for that ads.

Hope you knew that how does google adsense work!

How to create an Adsense account?

 You can create Google Adsense account with some simple steps

First for all 

  • Go to the Google adsense site.
  • Create in Get Started
  • Fill required details like Your Website and Gmail id
  • Click on save and continue 
  • Follow all step and if required fill correct details
  • After complete Google adsense will tell you to verify your website which you entered by place some code in header section
  • Click on verify after place code in header section
  • Wait for few days or couple of weeks in some case
  • After approval your adsense account ready.

How much money can you make with Adsense?

 Answer of this question is totally depended on you and your website contents, it's mean you can earn money less than $1 in a day more then $1 in a day or you can earn up to $100 in a day but as i told you, this is depend on your website contents because today all knew this that Contents is King mean if your contents are superb mean your visitor will visit your site and if visitor visited your site then your revenue will generate automatically and can earn up to  $100 in a day but if everything are google but your contents not good your can't generate google revenue or may be less than $1 in a month.

How to increase your Adsense revenue?

 As i told in above paragraph Contents is King so first of all try to create good articles with plagiarism free article , Then create interlinking within the your website. after that build backlink for your website

How to increase your chances of being accepted by Adsense?

 Now day everyone want to get approval from Google Adsense but new blogger unable for get approval from adsense, 

Today i will helps you to increase your chances of being accepted by google adsense.

First if all, you must be create some important pages which are below

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and conditions

After create above pages, write and published 25 to 30 articles, articles must be Plagiarism free otherwise again adsense will disappoint you.

Accounting to my experience, after published 25 to 30 articles you need to wait around for a month then apply for google adsense. you will get adsense approval but after all this you are unable to get adsense approval. Don't be upset 

I m here to help you, i m providing Google Adsense service for you in cheap rate 

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I will definitely help you in this 

In the last section 

Don't Forget to comments your feedback or Queries

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