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What is Truecaller || How its works || InnocentAmit

Hello friends, today i m here with one interested article, That is TRUECALLER, After real you will know what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of Truecaller.

What is Truecaller || How its works

 You all are very well know how much popular is Truecaller,Now days you can see Truecaller in all mobiles, no matter Android, Iphone or Windows you can see this app in all Mobiles. But Do you know how this are handle your data or privacy.Your all Data And Privacy may be stored at  server 

But How 

After you real will get all information. lets started

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What is Truecaller

Truecaller is an application which is develop for get all details of any particular number.When you received call from unknown number this app show you the name of number owner or company name and this help you to prevent received call from scam number or and credit card company and also if your friends or relative calling you from another number you can identify the number.

In simple word, This is a mobile number details sreaching app which allow to get details just search number.and this is available for Android and Ios.


Why not install Truecaller on your mobile

So friend, today we will talk about this topic that why you should not use Truecaller. And how does it leak and breach our personal data and privacy?

  •      What is Truecaller?
  •      How does it work ?
  •      How does it make money?
  •      Why we should not use Truecaller

How to use Truecaller without sharing data? If you also want to know the answer to all these questions, then read this post completely.

How does work?

 How does Truecaller work? We know that Truecaller is an app that shows the name of an unknown number, but the thing here is that how does it show the name, what is the whole process, so let's know this

When you install Truecaller in your mobile, as soon as you give permission to everything, it sends your data (eg - contact details, call details etc.) to its server.

There will be more people like you who would have installed this app in their phone, from there they also store the data on their server. Similarly, many other phones keep data on their servers.

Now what happens there is that suppose your number is stored on Truecaller's server and your number is saved in the phone of your friend (who uses Truecaller) with this type of name as shown in the image.

Now Truecaller reads these names and maps the name which is common in it to your number and stores it on its server. This is the complete process of Truecaller.

This is called crowdsourcing, meaning they do not have any data of their own, they are giving service to us with our own data. Wow brother what's the matter

How does Truecaller make money?

 Now you must have understood how Truecaller works, meaning how its Eco-system works. So let us now know how Truecaller earns money.

Data Sharing

Friends, you must know that in today's era your data is more valuable than any crypto-currency. And big big company misuse it for their own benefit. And Truecaller does the same thing. By selling our data to a third party, they earn huge money from that company.

Let us understand this through an example, suppose a company only wants the mobile number of the people of Varanasi, then that company will get it from the Data Sharing Company like Truecaller and that company will buy the data after seeing the hefty amount to the data sharing company. will take

And uses that data in its business. This benefits both the companies but here you will be at a loss because your data is being sold and it is being misused.


 There are many companies who keep promoting their product in many ways to increase their business and one of these ways is to promote business by calling phone, but people call that number again and again from the same number. When you spam, then whenever a call comes from that company, Truecaller shows that number as spam, so that people do not receive that phone call as a spam number. Now this is where Truecaller's money-making work starts.

What happens here is that all these companies give money to Truecaller to reduce the Spam Rank of their number and Truecaller reduces the Spam Rank of that number, due to which Truecaller earns big money.
Now again when people get a call from the same number, Truecaller shows that number as a normal mobile number, so that people consider that number as a normal number and receive that phone call.


You must know that nowadays all websites and apps earn money from those companies by showing advertisements of any other company on their website and app, Truecaller also does the same thing Truecaller also by showing advertisement on both its App and Website. earns money.

You must have noticed that whenever someone's call comes on your mobile, when Truecaller shows the name, then an advertisement is also visible under the same. From which they earn.

Why not use Truecaller

 Now you must have come to know what is Truecaller and how it works, now we come to our main issue that after all, due to which reasons we should not use Truecaller.

Yes, I will tell you many such reasons, knowing that you will stop using Truecaller, even if it is installed in your mobile, then you will uninstall it immediately.

Access Permission

 Have you ever noticed its access permission, otherwise let me tell you that this app asks for almost all the permissions which are not even needed, it also asks for permission even for camera and microphone. This makes it clear that it misuses your data.

Do you know what any app can do on your mobile by taking permission of your microphone or else let me tell you, it records all your calls and voice at any time by taking permission of your mobile microphone and on your server can store. and listen to it anytime

Similarly, when you give permission to contact to any app, then all the contacts saved in your mobile are synced with your mobile and stored in your server. Here I have told about only two permissions, in the same way all the permissions can be mis-used.

Privacy & Policy

Truecaller has also mentioned all the things that I have told you so far, which of your data they store on the server and how they use them. You will find the information very well on their Privacy and Policy page, you can also go and read it.

When you go to its privacy and policy page and look at it, you store the following data on your server like- what is the setting of your phone, what is your IP address, what is the manufacture of your device, when and what do you talk to. does.

misuse of your data

   We must have come to know that what data Truecaller collects from you, but you do not know how to store and mis-use your data, let me tell you how Truecaller uses your data incorrectly. Meaning it can sell or link your data

You must be aware that Truecaller also sends our data, recently you must have heard that a big famous company Facebook has been accused of selling data, just imagine that such a big name company cannot keep our data safe, then after all. Which company can we trust?

Just imagine why Truecaller collects so much data, obviously it must be doing it for its own benefit as we know that it is a foreign company based in Sweden which collects data from India and plays its servers. stores

How To Use Truecaller Without Sharing Data

       Friends, these were all problems, now we talk about how to use Truecaller without sharing your personal data, friends, for this you have to create a new email id which has never been linked to your mobile. You have to create a new account by visiting Truecaller's website with the same email id.

 Now whenever you get a call from a new number on your mobile, you go to the website of Truecaller and login to your account and search for that number, you will get complete details about that number, this will also work for you and your Personal will also be safe.

My Opinion

    What is Truecaller? So friends, before installing any app in your phone, take a good look at it to see which of our data it wants to access, only after dating all these things, install that app in your phone.

I believe that Truecaller is giving us a good service in which we have our own advantage, but in exchange for that service, it is a rule to share our private data.

So be careful, be alert and avoid installing such apps in your phone and keep your data safe because your data is very valuable for you.
How does Truecaller work?


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Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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