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Anchor Ads in Google Adsense || Google New Updates

Hello friends i m here today with a good news for all YouTuber,blogger and who are using  google adsense in their website.


Anchor ads to show on wider screens from 19.07.21


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 What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost per click) advertisement i.e. a platform for advertising and it has been launched by Google itself, it allows the publisher (publisher) to advertise in the content posted on his youtube channel, website, blog. Provides advertisements or lets say that for placing ads and these sciences are of many types like- text ads, image ads and video ads etc. And google adsense does not give us money itself, when an advertiser (company or any person) wants to promote (promote) his company, website, product or any other type of service, then he goes directly to Google or Youtube, and Speaks to promote and in return he gives money to google, then google shows ads on our website and youtube channel through his Google Adsense. And then 68% of the revenue (money) received by the advertiser is between us ie distributes it among the publisher, and keeps 32% himself. We will understand google adsense revenue share better in the next post. Google Adsense shows ads according to your website and topic, if your topic is related to fashion then google adsense fashion advertisement will show on your platform.


What are the new updates

Anchor ads to show on wider screens from 19.07.21 

If your are blogger,YouTuber,app developer etc and if you are using Google Adsense then this is news for you, and yes, you also get mail from adsense for this update but i m explain you what is this update,

 You always saw ads on bottom of the mobile that ads called Anchor ads but did you see this on wide screen, wide screen mean did you see this types of ads on desktop or PC or tablets, Your answer will be No.

So behind this mail or notification received from adsense mean Now you earning going to double because now more ads will be show on your website and this ads showing in the bottom of the screen so click possibility also going to increase  


Will Anchor ads for widescreen increase my revenue  

Yes, Definitively

Do we need to set anchor ads

No, you don't need to set if you set before when you started.

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Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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