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What is Affiliate Marketing ||

Hello friends, Are you interesting in affiliate market and want to earn money from affiliate so this article but if you, I giving you all details of affiliate market so just read till end before start affiliate market so today i never want to waste your time and let's started

What is Affiliate Marketing


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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting products on your website,Facebook,YouTube Etc. and whenever anyone buy products from your link then promoter get commission on each product.

In Sample language, When your visitor buy any products from links which you interlinks in your website then you get your commission for promoting. 

More simple language, When you doing digital marketing for your any type of products for sell called Affiliate Marketing.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

To start Affiliate marketing you need to find below points to make into profitable Affiliate marketing, you can't join blindly to earn money first of all the best Affiliate marketing program and them.

  • Find the niche
  • Find the Affiliate marketing program
  • Find the best Affiliate marketing program which give you best commission on your niche
  • Create an simple website for affiliate marketing website
Take own service if you want create profession website on blogger  {getButton} $text={Preview} $icon={preview} $color={Hex Color}

  • Also check eligibility to join Affiliate market 

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Best Affiliate Marketing Sites 

  • Amazon Affiliate marketing
  • Flipkart Affiliate marketing
  • ClickBank Affiliate marketing
  • vCommission 
  • BigRock 
  • Bluehost Affiliate marketing
  • Hostinger Affiliate marketing
  • Godaddy Affiliate marketing
  • INRDeals
You can search on search engine 1000+ Affiliate marketing website 
Don't forget to comment which Affiliate marketing program you joined

How to Join Affiliate Marketing

To join Affiliate marketing of any website, just type website name add affiliate program after websiite name,

After that, Read terms and conditions or other important details  and click on join or work with us or whatever button available for join

Fill the all details correctly and submit the form and wait for response,if everything will good you will notification to start money.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing Program

After Joined Affiliate program, You get an affiliate link, Use the affiliate link in your website,YouTube or what ever you promoting but don't promote affiliate link through ads otherwise your links will be disable or may your account also.

 When ever anyone buy or purchase products or service from your link you get your commission for that.

Like this you can earn money from Affiliate marketing 

How to get paid by Affiliate Marketing

Every affiliate program website have different way to pay you, But the  most common way is which every website have are one of the below 

  • Paid By Cheque
  • Paid By Bank Transfer
  • Paid By UPI
  • Paid By PayPal
  • Paid By Gift card

Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing Harmful and Illegal?

NO, Affiliate Marketing not illegal because your are promoting other website products or service and if you have affiliate link its mean you have permission from website to promote.

Is Affiliate Marketing Harmful and Illegal in any ways?

 Yes, If your haven't  affiliate link then you can't promote products or service otherwise you account will suspend or many things can happen that you can't things

Can Affiliate Marketing And Google Adsense Be Used Together?

Yes, You can use both on one website but as you known you need to have google adsense account with adsense approval

Is a Blog / Website needed to do Affiliate Marketing?

It 's Depends on owner of website that that want to do affiliate market or not but nowdays everyone want to earn money so every one can join that affiliate program if you have a wide audience no matter you have Blogger,WordPress,YouTube or any others ways

Is there a charge to join Affiliate Marketing?

No, Maximum website don't have charge to join the Affiliate program

Do I have to do any affiliate marketing course to start it?

Yes,You can Search on Google YouTube or online course for affiliate marketing course

Which company offers affiliate marketing, how to know?

If you want to check that this website offers affiliate market or not search go to the Google and type website name and after website name Add "affiliate" if they are offering then affiliate joining link will be show as a search result otherwise will not show link for join.

How much money can we earn from Affiliate Marketing?

It's depends on your niche, your audience and your marketing style how you can attractive for buy products of service from your link.

Is there any program or tool that can convert Link into Affiliate Link?

Yes, you can use tools for affiliate link but in my experience don't use tools for links shortner to short link 


Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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