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5 Best Secret Functions of smartphone You must know ||

Hello friends, I hope you guys will be fine, today I will tell you 5 secret functions of the smartphone which will benefit you. As you all know that the smartphone has become a very important thing nowadays, which is needed by everyone. With which you can do mobile recharge, electricity bill and many things sitting at home, but some things you will not know how you can do and there are some things that you will not be mobile, so I have brought this article, you will find 5 such things. Will talk about things that are important for you to know. So let's start

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So friends, I will tell you 5 such Tips and Tricks in this article, so do not leave the posts in the middle because this topic is going to be very interesting, so now let's start without wasting time.

  1 - How to increase the Battery Backup of any SmartPhone

So friends, you all know that mobile battery plays a very important role, so let me tell you how you can increase battery health.
You all know that now the Alomod Display is coming in the smartphone and all the colors can be seen better than the IPS display, so as you know, the mobile battery of friends is exhausted due to the maximum screen, then for that you

  •     Keep your mobile on Auto Brightness
  •     If possible, use Black Wallpaper
  •     Do not apply Third Party Theme
  •     Set screen time to minimum

2- How to know the IMEI number of Phone\Mobile

If you take a new or old mobile, then you must check its IMEI number whether it is written on the bill or on the box, whether the same IMEI number is of the mobile or not, otherwise you may face some problems.

    You will not be able to repair the mobile or any of its accessories from the Service Center because both the mobile you will have and the bill will be different.
     maybe it could be a stolen phone
    You cannot sell to anyone and even if you do, the price will be very low and much like you all know

So how can see IMEI

  •     First of all you have to open your NumberPad
  •     Type in it *#06#
  •     then press the call button
  •     In a few seconds your 15 number IMEI will be visible.
  •     From him you everywhere on the bill, on the box

In this way you can avoid a lot of troubles

3- How to turn off unnecessary notification

Friends, you must have installed many apps in your mobile or if you buy a new mobile, then it is yours.
Some of them are of our use, they are useless and some download the same app after seeing the mobile app of their friends, but the problem occurs when you are sitting somewhere and you are sleeping and talking to someone. Those many unnecessary notifications start coming and you get upset.
And for the same reason, the work that is being done is not focused and sometimes they also start checking unnecessary notifications.
For this you can turn off Notification in 2 ways.

First way

  •       First of all, you have to go to the settings of your mobile
  •     In that, go to the app setting or to the installed app.
  •     Open it from whichever app you want Notification
  •     And go to notification and turn off its notification

Second Way

  •     For whichever app you want to turn off Notification, press and hold on its app icon for 2 3 seconds.
  •     Some option will come in it, out of it click on app info.
  •     Open it from whichever app you want Notification
  •     And go to notification and turn off its notification

Or if you do not run that application, you can also uninstall

4-How to check before buying old mobile

If you buy or want to buy old mobile, then you must check some things and if possible, then take it from friends and relatives and while taking some things which you will benefit a lot by checking, like if theft happens then you can get away. So please check his IMEI number.

How to check IMEI number, so I have told the second point for it
After that open the numberpad of the mobile you are buying and press *#0*# dial button in it.
 After that the hardware test mode will open and you can check all parts One By One

5- Is it safe to download Mobile App from Google or not?

Friends, nowadays we all know that many applications have been made which are very useful for us and many apps also make our work easier, but if we download the app then some apps will be available for free but with limit access and more. If you want to remove its limit, then you have to take its paid version, for which you will have to pay money from it.
And as you know, we are from India, where it comes to money, we do not give money, but jugaad and see on Google that its crack version and start doing it.

Now let me tell you whether it is right to do this or not
So friends, you know that I do not give anything for free, I give it for free only when it is being benefited by giving it for free.

Reasons to give for free

    He has brought a new app in the market and is promoting it, so he can give you something for free.
    Will be giving your personal details and will be selling further, from which he will be getting money
    Cracked application may contain virus so that it is tracking everything about you

And there can be many reasons
Friends, do not download from Google, either from the official website or download from Trusted App Store.

In the last, how would I say this information by commenting and if you want how to check the virus of the downloaded app from Google, then comment, I will write an article or make videos on that topic too.


Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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