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What is Coin Switch Kuber app || How to Earn money from Coin Switch kuber app || Innocent Amit

Hello friends,Today i m going to talk what is CoinSwitch Kuber app.I'll cover all the topic related to this  CoinSwitch Kuber app. 

 For you information, i just want to tell you that CoinSwitch Kuber app is 3 years old app but CoinSwitch Kuber app recently lunched in India for Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency and indian user are very happy to use this app because this app is very easy to use app.In india, Around more than 2 lakhs user are registered in this app and in the indian user maximun user are younger so this is very good news for app developer.So lets started 

I thinks you loving this article because of this is an application and most important things is you can earn money so if you want to know everything about this app just read till the end and you will get all answer in this articles

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What is Cryptocurrency 

Before the introduce CoinSwitch Kuber app, I want to tell you what is Cryptocurrency so you get all things properly without a single question.

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Around 9 to 10 years age,The value of the digital coins was ZERO(0) and now day its value in more than lakh (For Example - The Value of 1 Bitcoin was 2.85 rupees (0.06$) in 2010 but now Value of 1 Bitcoin was 3600000 rupees (49000$) in 2021).

Bitcoin  is the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. and the value of the 1 bitcoin is around 36 lakh rupees. therefor bitcoin again trending.Few Years ago RBI( Reserve Bank of India) banned the cryptocurrency in India but Now RBI allow this to sell and buy cryptocurrency through Coin Switch kuber app  in India.

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Now you are thinking that how you can invest how you can buy where to buy how to sell where i can sell when i need urgent money so don't worry This article not completed yet. i will let you know all things in this article so read this till End.

What is Coin Switch Kuber app 

 Coin Switch Kuber app this a cryptocurrency exchange mobile application.Through Coin Switch Kuber app you can easily Sell and Buy Cryptocurrency. Or you can also call this app as Trading app in which you can Buy or Sell any time and any where.

The main future of the app is you can Deposit using Net bank or UPI in indian rupees.and minimum amount of selling or buying is 100 is this very good accounting to indian user, It mean you don't need Thousand or Lakh rupees need to Buy or for investments.Just deposit 100 rs and start investing.

How to download Coin Switch Kuber app 

You don't need to download from chrome or google 

You can download via my link so you will get 50rs after sign up or you can download from play store but you will never get 50 for signup 

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Just Open Google Play Store, Search App by type app name in search box and press search after the install the app.

Even if you never want to spend single rupees  then you can download app from my link and you well get money after signup the you can invest that money and double your money and transfer to your account  .

How to use CoinSwitch Kuber App

The user interface of this app is very easy to use need to follow few step to compete you signup process then you will ready to invest money.

  • Click on My link to download app ({getButton} $text={Download} $icon={download} $color={Hex Color}
  • Open your account by using you mobile number.
  • Verity you accound
  • Complete your KYC verification to start investing by uploading Pan Card and aadhar card.
  • it will take 2 minutes to complete your KYC.
  • After KYC ,Link youe Bank account where in which you want to withdraw money.
  • Now you need to buy and Sell 100 rupees investment.
  • Now everything has been setup.

The developer of Coin Switch Kuber has built this application in such a way that the problems and complexities in purchasing cryptocurrencies can be eliminated. With the help of this app both experienced and non-experienced people can buy cryptocurrency. You do not face any problem in buying cryptocurrency, you must use this app once. There are already a lot of platforms for buying cryptocurrencies in the market, but to buy cryptocurrencies from these platforms, you get an extra amount of ₹ 1000, which is more for Indian users, but with the help of Coin Switch Kuber You can invest in cryptocurrency with only 100 rupees. 


CoinSwitch Kuber App Key Point

 Best Rates - By aggregating liquidity in major Indian and global exchanges, the CoinSwitch order matching engine gives you the best rate at the click of a button.

Instant Buy / Sell - Instantly deposit, withdraw and trade with INR with over 100+ cryptocurrencies. Zero Fees - 100k users enjoy ZERO INR trading, deposit and withdrawal fees during the first 25k pre-launch. 

Trusted and Secure - The Coin Switch trading platform has processed over $ 5 billion in crypto and brings the same trust and security to INR trading.

Note - 

Please invest money at your own risks

Note- This information is based on internet research and i m not sure that it is 100% correct. 




Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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