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How to rank Blogger site in search console || InnocentAmit

Hello Friends,Are your created new blog and want to rank website on first page of google then this article help you to rank your website if your follow these steps then definitely for all posts after 2 to 3 months you will see your posts on google. 
How to rank Blogger site in search console || InnocentAmit

Learn How to Rank your blogger/Blog spot in Google in 3 Steps

  • How to create post.
  1. Research keyword before create any post.(Keyword planner,Google keyword etc)
  2. Add good title of Post.
  3.  Add Label related to your post.
  4. Use Good Quality of Image.
  5. Add h1 tag in Post main Content.
  • How to Maintain for SEO
  1. Add Search Description in blogger post.
  2. Submit Sitemap to the search engine like Google\Bing\Yahoo.
  3. Add download link in your blogger.
  4. Add Other Link related same post Like Real Also/Related Post etc.
  • How to Get more traffic in your Blogger.
  1. Add Social links (YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn etc.)
  2. Add share button (YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn etc.)
  3. Share you Post's links with Social pages.
  4. Create YouTube Videos  of the all Post(If Possible)
  5. Promote your website Free or Paid.
  6. Promote your website with Google Adwords and (Paid Service)
  7. Share your post link with Friends and groups and Say for Spread to the World
  8. Create Newsletter for give notification to your visitors.

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Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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