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Who is best template for blogspot? || Innocent Amit

When you thinks to start blog site to give your ideas to world then you face many challenge for start a blog. today I'm going to talk about one of the challenge here.


Who is best template for blogspot

So when your go for create an blog site you thinks 

  • In which site your profit to create blog(Blogger,Wordpress,Wix etc)
  • How to create logo for website.
  • Which template is mobile friendly and good for google adsense approval
  • How and where to buy domain Etc.


if you still there it's mean your are right place so, Today i m taking about how to select or who is brst template for Blogger/Blogspot if you are creating site on Blogspot.

Before give you Template links  i want to explain that if you did not like template from given below how you can select good one from any website.


How to Select Template

Before Selecting template for you website, select your niche.So your template will be accounting to your niche and nice with combination.

In my case, My niche is News Template for blogger, so i giving you example how you can select or download News templates for free.

First of all open your Browser, Type "News template for blogger" or "News blogger template" in search bar and press Enter.

Your search result will display with in a second

Click on any website which you like to go.

See the screenshot and see demo site if you want to see.

If you don't like go back and click any one like and check again accounting to your requirements.

After you select anyone download the template or you can buy theme if you want to remove footer credit with many premium features.

Read also - How to upload blogger theme

Upload on blogger.

Customize this according to you.

Write the blog and don't forget you comment you blogger site name


Where to you can download 

When you search "blogger template" with you niche in any search engine like Google,Bing, Yahoo can see many search in a second and i m not promoting any website that why i m not giving you any particular website links or names. Just search in search bar and download free template.

How to download Premium blogger theme.

 As you know, everything is possible in this world so if you want to download premium theme free of cost the also will helps you to download Premium theme

For Download Premium theme you can type "blogger premium theme free" in search bar and Enter many website provide you premium theme free of cost but according to my suggest BUY Premium theme if you really want to make a professional Blog site. 

Who is the best Template for blogspot.


Author -Templateify 

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 Author - Templateify 

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 Author - Templatesilk

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Create,Upload theme Customize website in 1 hours watch this  

  Don't Forget to Comments your feedback


Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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