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MojCash - Earn & Enjoy || Innocent Amit


We have launched an Application for android users. Who wants to make some profits from home without doing any hard task. In this application there are some simple task & in-app Games. So, players just play the games and complete the simple tasks & make some profits from home.

MojCash - Earn & Enjoy

Features :
➤ Video Task
➤ Invite & Earn
➤ Refer & Earn
➤ Simple In-App Games ---
➤ Quiz Ques Game
➤ Fortune Wheel Game
➤ Scratch Card Game
➤ Solve Math Game
➤ Lottery Game
➤ Color Catcher Game
➤ Recaptcha Game

So to make some profits you just need to complete these tasks and play the Games then you will get some Profits. So, use the app, play some games, enjoy your leisure time & make some profits.


Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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