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Internet Marketing and Blogging - 5 Reasons Why You Should Do It || Innocent Amit

When the concept of blogging first appeared on the web marketing scene within the late 1990's, it had been used simply as how for people to discuss an existing website or page. it had been the chance for subscribers and readers to post opinions on an entire sort of subjects during which they were curious about .



So, what follows are 5 simple reasons why blogging should be used as an important internet marketing tool.

1. Blogging are often FREE.

With the onset of free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress, a Blog isn't only very easy to set-up, (No HTML or PHP knowledge is required)but it are often through with no monetary cost. Plus, with all of the various themes and plug-ins which are now available anybody can design a really professional looking blog during a very short time.

2. Blogging is extremely Simple.

If you'll write an email, you'll start a blog. It REALLY IS that straightforward . Gone are the dark days when it might take months and months of HTML or PHP learning, before you'll even believe starting an internet site . No initial skills are necessary.

If you'll read and sort , you'll set-up a blog. If you'll click and point a mouse, you'll set-up a blog. It's like having a virtual piece of paper, on which you'll jot your ideas, your experiences, and your knowledge. If you've got a computer (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) and an online connection you'll start blogging.

3. Blogging Helps to create Your Internet Marketing Credibility.

Blogging on a daily basis is that the key to putting together your online presence. As you still blog about,you’re a day experiences, and convey your knowledge on a specific subject or market, your readers will soon come to take you as an expert, which can keep them returning for more.

As a consequence, more readers will visit your Blog and more Bloggers will link to your posts, which will mean the chance to advertise, whether meaning as an affiliate, or advertising your own products, more traffic then equals more revenue. Eventually keeping your content value to a top quality and driving traffic to your Blog will allow you to get a considerable income, and as your expertise grows the chance to enter into joint ventures with other internet marketers will happen also .

4. Blogging Increases Your Market Share.

Unless you merely Blog for interest or for fun, I’m guessing that you simply might just have an interest in earning some money together with your blog. Internet marketing and Blogging may be a great mix with which you'll do that , but first you would like to know how you'll get your Blog noticed. So here are a couple of pointers on how you'll do that quickly and efficiently:

-Your e-mail signature.

Every time you send an email, regardless of what it's about, confirm you include a link to your Blog in your email signature. Most email systems will allow you to line this up quite easily, and this is often an excellent thanks to have your blog noticed.


-Understand Your Readers and Subscribers.

There are Blogging tools available which can allow you conduct regular surveys on your blog for your readers, so as for you to realize a far better understanding of their needs and needs . this may then offer you the knowledge you would like to supply this within your regular postings.

Ask for feedback on a post, ad links, or a product you've got used. Again, there are tools you'll use to try to this counting on which platform you select to blog with.

-Join a Blog Network.

By joining a Blog network, that's a network of blogs all sharing an equivalent material , and frequently posting comments, you'll not only get your blog noticed, but also will gain some highly relevant back links which you would like for the search engines to rank your blog highly.

You will find also that your readers and subscribers will assume your credibility isgood once they can link you to other blogs and knowledge about your particular niche. within the internet marketing world, the more bloggers the higher .

-Use an RSS Feed.

RSS is perhaps one among the fastest growing technologies on the web today. As such, having an RSS feed to your blog is of major importance, because it allows your readers and subscribers to be updated automatically whenever you add new content. Again, most blogging platforms will provide you with simple instructions or plug-ins to permit you to simply do that .

-Don't Forget Social Media.

Blogging is a component of Web 2.0 Technology, which suggests you'll integrate with Social Media almost seamlessly. So, adding Social share buttons to your Blog is additionally something which you would like to do if you want your readers to share your content easily. So, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (amongst the various others) are often utilized to the max.

5. Blogging is Superbly Authentic.

There is simply nothing better than a Blog to supply you with the credibility you would like to succeed online. during this day and age where advertising saturates our lives, Blogging with real people talking about everyday experiences, may be a welcome and natural way for you to urge your information out there.

You can easily become the known authority in your niche and be looked on because the "go to" expert within your chosen field of data and expertise. So, give your business a lift by using the blogging technologies available to you as your best Internet marketing tool.


Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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