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How to create gmail account in 2021 || Innocent Amit

 Hello Friends, today i will tell you how to create Gmail account for your personal use with step by step so stay tune and follow the steps to create 

Now day, Gmail is  important parts of each and everyone life parts, If you have Smartphone then you need this, if you want to create YouTube channel then you have to  gmail, Mean while you need a gmail if you here.

Benefits of the Gmail are

  • Trusted site provided by Gmail
  • 15GB Space with free  per Gmail Acciunt
  • Gmail provide you maximum site to sign up with Gmail
  • Use Google Products with Gmail like Google Drive< Google map,Google news, Google Meet, etc
  • Much more

How to Create EMAIL on Gmail

  • Go to the
  • Click on Create account
  • Select "For MySelf"

  • Fill you details like Name, Password, Email etc

  • Click on Next
  • Fill your Birth date recovery Email etc

  • Click on next
  • Read "Privacy and Terms" and click on "I agree" to accept.
    Now you Gmail account ready to use anywhere



Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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