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How to add Facebook widget in blogger - Innocent Amit

Are you there for know how to add Facebook Widget in blogger, Yes you are right place i will show you how to create Facebook Widget in blogger in theme.


 So let talk how to add Facebook Widget in blogger without wasting time

Go the the Facebook plugin

Scroll down and select Page Plugin

 Click on website

eplace you page user name with Facebook

Set Width and Height 

Click on Get Code

 You will get above type of code

Copy First section's code 

Open Blogger Dashboard.

Go to the Theme

Click Down Arrow 

Click on Edit HTML

Paste First Section's Code Before </body> tag 

Click on Save and Go Back

Go to the Layout

Click on Add a Gadget and Add HTML/Javascript

Write Facebook in title Section (You Can write anything whatever you want)

Paste Second Code in Content Box 

Save it 

Go to the your website and see

Your Facebook Page has been Add in your blogger site


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Best Wishes


Innocent Amit

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