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RT PCR Full Form || Full form of RT PCR || Innocent Amit

In this covid Situation, Many friends and colleague many time asked what is the full form of RT PCR test, and why this is doing for confirmation of Covid. This What is writing this article to give some knowledge about RT PCR and RT PCR Test.

Note:- This article only for general purpose to give some ideas, i m not sure that knowledge which i m writing in this article is 100% correct because it may change somethings after published.Purpose of writing this article only is provide Full form of RT PCR which is 100% correct.


What is RT PCR Test

By the helps of this test we can find the infection is occur or not in the body,in this test RNA converted into DNA, Primary it is use for measure the amount of the RNA.

Full Form Of the RT PCR

Reverse(R) Transcription(T) Polymerase(P) Chain(C) Reaction(R)


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